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4th Ed.

Ok, I haven't mentioned it on here yet.

4th Edition DnD sucks balls. Why You ask? Here's the list.

1. No More Saving Throws.
Yeah, remember if someone attempts to poison you, you have to roll a Fort save to see if you resist? Yeah, doesn’t happen anymore. Everyone now has Defenses. So, if you attempt to poison someone, you make a roll to see if you are GOOD ENOUGH to poison them. Better yet, here is an example.

DM: Oh... he stabs you with dagger.... *rolls*
You: Ok, how much damage?
DM: Wait. *Rolls again*
You: Ok...
DM: Ok, you take 5 points of damage, and you’re poisoned now.
You: What the shit? Don't I get a save?
DM: No, no. You lose.

2. Critical Hits? No longer so Critical.
Sweet! Rolled that natural 20 did ya? That’s awesome. X2? X3? The legendary x4? Nope. Max damage. Yes, I'm serious. You know the max you could normally get? Yeah... that’s your crit. I kind of like the idea of possibly getting 16+Str damage on a crit with a long sword. Not you know. 8+str.Thanks for the nerf WotC.

3. Skills, all 9 of them
They have downsized the skills in the game. True who likes doing skill points? Oh wait.. No, sorry, 8 skills. Unless they plan on letting everyone take "Thievery"

4. Gnomes
Yeah, there gone. No longer a player handbook race. Kinda sad to see them go... well, not really.

5. On-going damage
Ok, so you now have spells and effects that continue over several turns. Wow... how confusing if everyone has some bull shit on-going damage eh? Who's going to keep track of all that? Oh, yeah, the DM.

Yeah, if you’re a PC, I hope you don't like rolling. You get an attack roll, but that's fucking it. The DM is doing way too much. I am a DM and I hate this. I want the PCs to do shit. Fuck, too much control is just as bad as not enough.

7. Bloodied?
You know what ever game needs? When you are at half health, your opponents can get shit that can kill you faster! Whoever the genius who thought of this shit needs to play the game. When you are at half health, you are considered "bloodied" which activates some abilities that can be used against you, that are a lot more powerful then their attacks that have put you to half. Mind you it does work both ways. Too bad you won't come across too many enemies at half life. Yeah.

8. Movement.
Yeah, How many feet can you move? Oh, 4th doesn’t use feet... what does it use? Squares. Yes. You can move 6 squares. Hmm... you know what that means?

9. You need fucking maps to play
I remember playing DnD with a bunch of us sitting around a room. I haven't played a game around a table until recently. Which brings me to the next problem

10. A Table Top RPG is not a Minis game!
What the shit guys?! I know you have the minis thing going for you. And I have no doubt its going well. But I don't want to play a god damn minis game when I play dnd. The character sheets are now small enough to fit on a card for there minis game. They are trying to make it necessary get both things to play one. It’s retarded.

Am I wrong? Maybe. But I seriously doubt it. And yes, I do plan on play 3.5, and it makes me sad most of my friends are sheep, and will play 4th because it's new.

DM: Whats your Fort Defense?
Sheep: Baa!
DM: Your poisoned.
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May. 23rd, 2008 02:10 pm (UTC)
You have some really good points here. I don't agree that your friends are sheep though, they are just excited to see what is new and to play 4th edition because...well, its new. I'm sure alot of them will come to the same conclusions that you did. Remember, you got to look at some of the material before everyone else did, love. ;) Don't worry, they're will be a 4.5 before long! :P
May. 23rd, 2008 02:28 pm (UTC)
That sucks broseph. 3.5 is the only one I have really played much of, and I have to say that with what they have removed I would not find the game nearly as fun at all. Definately agree with you there.

EXCEPT...on the gnomes.
I was a gnome, and it was awesome.
Are awesome.
But not everyone can agree until they roleplay with ME as the gnome. IT takes a certain...finess....:)
and yeah, maybe their racial traits aren't amazing but as a colorful character I think they make up for it :P
May. 23rd, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC)
Man, people laughed at me when I said D&D was dying years ago :( I don't like 3 or 3.5 but compared to 4, man I LOVE it. Fuck mini's. If I want to play a good miniatures game, I would spend the money on warhammer and not waste my time with the D&D mini's, which are basically cheap, shitty pieces of plastic. Warhammer are good pewter figs worth having.

I miss the Gnomes :( I didn't play them, but I liked it when people did!
May. 23rd, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
I just wanna play rifts dammit. Or maybe that Palladium Zombies game I think I saw something about in their news letter.
May. 23rd, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
Also, D&D has always felt, detached and cold, and disturbingly fair. This just seems worse. Now it's less fair, but more pre-determined. Lame sauce.
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